Pastor's Sermon Notes/Slides

Have you ever wanted to review a particular Bible reference or note from the sermon?  Simply click below to access Pastor Brandon Senior's sermon slides.  

"While I always prefer people use their Bibles, Powerpoint slides can help grab attention and make lasting visual references.  I prayer these notes/slides help enhance your Bible study in a powerful way"

~ Pastor Brandon Senior

05/25/2024: Memorial Day

5/17/2024: Consider the Lilies

03/30/2024: Nailed to the Cross

03/23/2024: What Must I Do to Be Saved

03/16/2024: An Army of Youth

02/24/2024: The Storehouse

02/17/2024: Spiritual Gifts

02/03/2024: The Four Winds Loosed

01/27/2024: The Four Living Creatures

01/20/2024: Every Idle Word

01/06/2024: A New Year or a Used Year?

12/23/2023: The Significance of a Virgin Birth

12/16/2023: Festivel of Lights

12/02/2023: Christian Education

11/25/2023: The Grinch Who Stole Thanksgiving

10/28/2023: Rebuilding the Wall

10/21/2023: A Mighty Angel and a Little Book

09/23/2023: Let's Play Church: The Emerging Church

09/16/2023: The Tale of Mount Trashmore

09/01/2023: A Worldwide Movement

08/26/2023: Freedom From Abuse

08/05/2023: Big Problem, Big God

07/29/2023: The Recognition We Deserve

07/08/2023: Weapons of War: Complaining & Criticism

07/01/2023: Home of the Brave

06/24/2023: It Will Be Well

05/20/2023: Anathema Maranatha: Our Lord Comes

05/06/2023: Prayer in the Last Days

05/06/2023: Sabbath School Slides: The Hour of His Judgment

04/15/2023: Here I Stand: I Can Do No Other

04/08/2023: Jesus of Nazareth

04/01/2023: The Wise and the Foolish: The Ten Virgins

03/25/2023: The Great Controversy

03/18/2023: The Lord's Supper (Bible Study)

03/04/2023: Distractions

02/25/2023: Managing for the Master

02/18/2023: Tips from Aaron and Eli

02/04/2023: The Hearts of the Children: How to keep them in church

01/28/2023: The Sweetest Sound

01/07/2023: Wisdom Strengeneth the Wise

12/31/2022: Resolution, A New Year's Message